“Wealth is a deep recognition of the natural world.”

Inuit saying




NuvoTerre are my visual interpretations of the natural world and cultural themes – past, present and future.

Taking influence from the complex patterning, bold colors and brilliant display of flora and fauna, I try to capture the beauty of nature. From the wild meadows and mist-filled forests to the emerald rivers and the butterfly’s wing; allowing nature to speak through the cloth, as a call to spirit and connection.

NuvoTerre Poppy Dress

My work is one of a kind.  I dye much of my fabric and create shibori and textile art.  I use techniques of revealing and contrasting, creating depth on the surface of the human body and combine this with a modern silhouette. Each piece is built as a collage of fabric and pattern, reflecting and enhancing the body. Its form organically unfolds as I find the dialogue between the fabrics and the shapes they inspire.

NuvoTerre Artist



Through the creation of my work, I hope to elevate art-to-wear to new heights, fusing everyday clothing with the divine magic that great art imparts. We all have the potential to be a walking, breathing human work of art.

NuvoTerre Gallery